Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome to my studio!


My name is Lori and I am a new sprouting artist and illustrator. I have officially started as a full-time artist this past year, and so far? Well, it's been interesting, frustrating, exciting, depressing, and everything in between. It's all worth it though if I can do it enough to make a living from it. Art is my passion! It gets so crazy that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea to paint! (Which reminds me, I should put a notepad and pencil beside my bed.) My brain is always ticking with ideas and compositions and mediums that I almost can't choose what to do next. I am very much trying to find myself in this big ol' artistic world.

At any rate, I began drawing when I was three years old. I learned how to draw a daisy; a symbol I often relate to myself, and use for inspiration in achieving my artistic dreams. (It's also tattooed on my right wrist... you know... just IN CASE I forget... It really hurt by the way.) I Have illustrated three children's books so far since graduating from University in '05, but I do not tie myself to just being an illustrator, I consider myself a fine artist as well. I paint, mostly acrylic but recently watercolors as well, I also do digital art and paper collage. In all those mediums I capture whatever is on my mind at the time; I do realistic work, cartoon, stylistic, you name it!

It's a blessing to have all these ideas, but sometimes a curse. I feel like I have to focus on one style... one medium... to be a "real" artist. Just the other day I had this conversation with my husband, and he said something to me that actually inspired the creation of this blog. He said, "Ever think that maybe you are good at a lot of things?" So I got to thinking, maybe I should share my little world a bit. Post my ideas and thoughts and inspirations for the world to see (And to free up some hard drive space in the ol' noggin), and to get some feedback and thoughts in return.

I start my first post with pictures of my studio I have here in my little apartment. It's nothing fancy, but hey, it suits me just fine. :-)

My drafting table, a place where I spend hours creating all kinds of stuff.

My computer where all the digital bits happen! (That includes updating my Facebook status. :-P)

And a quote from my childhood mentor.

Thats it so far folks. Thanks for taking a look into my little world. :-)



  1. I love it!
    Once I have time I think I shall follow your lead and post about my Scrapbooking/ card making adventures. Can't wait to read more about your arting. Take care and keep posting

  2. I want a studio too!! Great Job Lori!! xoxo

  3. IMO, just let the creativity flow in whatever way works - don't restrict yourself arbitrarily :)