Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inspiration full circle.

I get inspiration from many sources. A lot of the time other artists inspire me. I saw one artist online use tea to dye her watercolor paper, so for fun, I tried it out. Here is the end result! I used what tea I drink the most... which is of course Newfoundland's #1 tea: Tetley's Orange Pekoe. I immersed the white paper into hot water and three teabags for about 5 minutes or so. I was pretty surprised one how much pigment came out of the tea, but it certainly made the paper a pretty color. I used watercolors mainly, but some acrylics and ink.

It's funny how things come together like this unexpectedly. I always said every time I sip that particular tea I can't help but close my eyes and think I'm at my families summer cabin, just after supper, looking out over the water at dusk. This place is also where these berries grow, they are called bakeapples, or cloudberries for those of you that don't know. I will be lucky enough to be home this summer when they become ready to pick. And what do I drink when I eat these? Orange pekoe tea. :-P



  1. Was it hard to work the water colors over the tea dyed paper? I just love the contrast the between the paper and the flower. Great work Lori.

  2. IT was hard for the white watercolors. They just absorbed into the paper like nothing. So thats why I used some watered down acrylic paint. Other than that though, the light paints like yellow totally came through fine, as you can see. Of course they will be more dull colors than on white, but I still like how it came out. It was fun to experiment anyhow. :-)

  3. Oh, man; words fail to describe how pretty that paper came out.

    Ditto that for the artwork on top. ^_^

  4. Hehe! Thanks Caela! And the berries taste better than they look I assure you. ;-)