Thursday, May 27, 2010

Late night watercoloring.

I have a little less than two weeks here in Newfoundland before I head home to work on my grant work. It's certainly a jam packed week full of commissions as well, which is slightly crazy but I'm gonna try my best to get them all done.
In the meantime, between commissions I STILL have to keep life interesting and exciting for me. SO last night I decided to start a new little watercolor... at about midnight no less. I'm one of those people who gets inspired around 10-11pm, I drive the husband nuts cause that also includes furniture re-arranging. Heh!
Anyhow, my cousin Mick showed me a picture of a blue poppy a few weeks ago that really caught my eye. So I fiddled around with them a bit last night for fun. Here's the result. :-)



  1. Well worth burning the midnight oil over. It has an almost mosaic look to it. Very lovely.

  2. Lovely poppies. I love the colours that you used.

  3. Thank you! I would like to try regular red poppies too someday... when I can find the time. :-P