Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My love of Art Nouveau and birds.

I have always admired Art Nouveau as a style when drawing. Especially in highschool during my fantasy art years. I have always wanted to try creating an image in this style, and since I have been recently dipping my brush in watercolors, I thought that would be the perfect medium to complement it! The gentleness of the paint's textures with the romantic whimsical designs, I think it works, don't you? :-)
Also in the past few weeks, I have been watching David Attenborough's, The Life of Birds , and I managed to see the most beautiful bird, called the Himalayan Monal Pheasant. The plumage on that bird was just too irresistible NOT to try and paint a picture of. I am such a bird lover anyhow, (I have a cockatiel and a lil' budgie) I thought maybe I could incorporate it into my image. So here you have it!
I originally drew this image into my sketchbook, and had to then transfer the image over onto my watercolor paper. However I did manage to ink the original as well. So, for all you peeps who own a pack of crayons, or coloring pencils that belong to your kiddies, grab 'em and color away!

Here is the image if you would like to have a nice day relaxing while coloring. You may laugh but I buy my mother coloring books all the time, she sits in the afternoon with tea and relaxes. If any of you decide to color then by all means email me your version! :-D
Just click on the image here and right click to save. Happy coloring! :-)



  1. That's awesome! I love the idea of adults doing colouring books!

  2. That is very cool. I love to color, it is ver relaxing. I have printed the picture and I will be sure to show you what I come up with!

  3. Woo! Can't wait! :-D Thanks guys!

  4. Awesome! I love Art Noveau and I love colouring books! Double win!!

  5. Ohh Nadia, YOU are awesome. We're more alike than I would have ever imagined. :-P

  6. Can you explain Art Nouveau a little more?
    My mom and dad use to buy us coloring books and on rainy days at the cabin we would all pick a page and and sit down to color and we would pick a winner and they would give us a prize. We had so much fun dad and mom included.

  7. Well, It would take A LOT of words to explain a entire art period, so here is a link for Wikipedia. Talks a lot about not just art, but architecture, glass/ceramic art, furniture, you name it! :-)
    Click here for the article!

  8. Oh, what's this? Gee, it's my 2010 agenda- hmm, oh look, it's theme is Art Nouveau! lol Seriously Lori, thank goodness for Facebook reuniting friends! You're right, who knew we liked so many of the same things? I have many Mucha, Klimt and Maurice Denis prints in my apartment.:) And there's a Tiffany exhibit here at the MMBA that I want to see. We could have so much fun if you were ever in town!

  9. Ohhh I wouldn't doubt it! I would LOVE to go to that exhibit for sure. And I LOVE Klimt... even though he was a bit socially awkward. I guess all artists are to an extent. I freeze when someone compliments me publicly! I have learned to say "thank you" now without turning into a beet. :-P

  10. Aww, you gotta learn to embrace the respect you so much deserve! I'm still beating myself up over missing a Klimt exhibit in Ottawa years ago- I was there for a summer and it was the first time that his work had been shown in Canada. I kept putting it off and of course the weekend I was going to go was the weekend after it ended! Lesson learned! Whenever there is an exhibit I want to see, I make sure to go in the opening week now.

  11. This is beautiful! One of my favorite styles (especially Mucha!).
    ps. thanks for your comment!

  12. Bom Dia!!
    Eu pinto camisetas e adoro Art Nouveau!!
    Esta lindo o seu BLOG.
    Um Abraço