Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New member of the family, and new inspiration!

Well now, I dunno about you, but does the term "Hammie Fatties", sound hilariously cute together? Meet my new little buddy, Navi the teddy bear hamster.
I bought her today from a pet store, and I have her here with me in my studio, right next to my table so I can see her, and so she can keep me company during the days. She is quite adorable and I'm sure she will inspire me till the cows come home. :-P

Edit: Here is her Cage's shnazzy new sign. It's a Hammie Fattie. Bwaha! ;-)


  1. Aw Navi, you are a lucky ham! You were picked by a great mommy! :D

  2. Navi, not only do you have a wicked mommy and daddy. You will get to witness so much talent and creativity sitting next to Miss Lori. You may even be inspired to do your own art work.

  3. Haha! You guys are awesome. :-P

  4. HAHA! I know, right Caela? ;-D