Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paper paper everywhere!

As much as I love to use paint and pencil, in the last year I have picked up paper as a medium as well. Soooo much paper. Different patterned paper, textured, thickness, you name it! Paper collage is sort of a side step from scrapbooking, which is where my love of paper began really. But as you can see here, I still find a functional use for paper collage. I made my own cards! Just thought I would share them with you all. :-)

The first one here is a collage card for my mother for mothers day. Yes, that would be her and I when I was little. :-)

This one was a birthday card I made for my Husband, Dane! Who turned a lovely 28 this week. I also turned him into a blue fattie. (I call him my original 'blue.')

And this last one is another card for my mother, but for her birthday at the end of this month, You can't see the details much on the flowers because of the vellum on top, but click on the image for a larger view. :-)
I made the two cards for my mom last night with my friend Sabrina, who actually lives on the other side of this island. Thank god for Skype! We crafted for 4 hours and it was great fun! Isn't Technology wonderful? She gave me great feedback and ideas for my cards, since she is the scrapbooking queen and all. Check out her scrapbooking and hobby blog. :-)

Everyone needs a craft night with friends, it's SO peaceful and relaxing. :-)



  1. Everyone needs to make time for themselves and what better way to do that then to spent time doing something you love with people you love. Thanks so much for last night Lori I have a great time and will be looking forward to doing this again.