Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventures in painting on location!

Written June 26th, 2010 in Clark's Tickle, QC.

Whoops! I sorta missed a week didn't I? My bad. These last few weeks since returning home have been so incredibly hectic that I can barely think straight... so awesome. :-) I have so many family and friends around at all times that I don't think a second about everything at once like I did in Mount Pearl. It's not like I have any cares in the world, but I don't dread my days anymore cause I am used to spending them alone all the time. All I can say is that I miss my husband a lot, If i stay over the amount that I have planned, which is 2 1/2 months, it will be the longest we will have been apart since we have been together. It's not easy thinking about how much fun I am having and experience I am getting over here, and I can't share it with him. It's even worse that he knows exactly what he's missing. :-PAnyhow, I'm sitting here in a rocking chair at the cabin, watching my folks, brother, and sister-in-law play a game of cards, and my niece and nephew playing with my old duplo blocks that I played with here as a child. The last week has been CRAZY busy. I finished one of my large canvases last week, and started another this week. The painting I have done was immediately inspired by the icebergs flowing through the straits here.
I tried capturing the essence of the Strait of Belle Isle that separates Quebec/Labrador, and Newfoundland. This week I am working on painting the puffin sanctuary off the coast of Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon.
Apparently It is quite the island for puffin study, since I was told that David Suzuki himself was there to study the birds a few years ago. In fact I saw a few while iceberg hunting with my brother and father on fathers day... after we all stuffed ourselves with lobsters from the local fish plant as seen here, naturally. :-)

The last two weekends I have been helping my parents revamp this cabin. Mom and I have painted it from top to bottom, added a spice shelf, and back-splash over the sink and stove with my father. This place has been my home since an infant, so It feels nice to give a little to make it look it's best. Not saying that it is AT it's best, but it looks pretty schnazzy. ;-) I will have before and after pictures for you when it's completed.

Today something sad happened. My niece Hailey found a baby hooded Merganser swimming in the cove alone. My brother and I had to make a trip into the river to pick up a few supplies, and bring out a new sofa set for the cabin. Upon arrival I saw the little bird huddled in a fish tub full of grass that Hailey and my mother prepared. I grabbed it immediately since I saw that the bird looked a little TOO relaxed with our presence. I brought the bird inside where it was warm and try to make it not use much energy to keep itself warm. It looked around, and was aware of things, but didn't flinch. I then saw water coming out of it's nares, and for parrot standards, thats never a good sign. Shortly after, the poor little thing rocked it's head back and died. I really wish it would have survived, but I'm sure it's mother was killed, it wasn't the first chick we have seen in the last few weeks. When I was little I had a pet goose that my father and uncle rescued from a frozen pond. We ended up having her for a pet for 3-4 years. She even followed me to school in the morning. :-) It would have been nice to have done the same for this little guy, but I guess the poor little thing was too hungry and weak to keep going, and I didn't get a chance to take a picture. :-(

I'm hoping tomorrow is a nice day, so I can slap on the sunscreen and head outside on the picnic table to paint my puffins. I will keep my fingers crossed. :-)

Woo!! S'mores are ready! Until next time. :-D



  1. Wow Lori it sounds like you are have a fantastic time and that your work iscoming along great! I am so happy for you! I am sure that Dane misses you as much as you miss him. We miss you lots but are very glad you get to be around people who care and love you as you work on something that is very important to you!

  2. Hey love,
    Seems like you are enjoying yourself - and I am SO jealous of the lobster you guys ate!!!
    Take care and stay inspired - your photos are great, as usual.
    Love and miss you,

  3. Miss and love you gals too! Thanks for reading and keeping in touch with me! I'm trying my best with the whole dial-up thing. Gross. lol xoxo


  4. Work week from hell is over. Family come to vist this weekend so I need to clean up the house as it looks like a bomb went off in it. ( 12 hours work days and bring shit home everyday will do that) I hope to start making plans to come visit soon. I will be in touch. Do you have a number I can reach you on?

  5. Wow Lori,

    Your pictures are really nice. I really like the one of the iceberg. And i'm really looking forward to see all of this in your painting... i'm not sure i'll be able to go and see them in real, since i'm really too far away, but I really want to see pictures when you can.
    It looks like you are really having a good time back home... Keep it up!