Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First week back home!! :-D

Written Sunday, the 13th of June in Clark's Tickle, QC.

Well now, I'm sitting here at my parents kitchen table at the cabin overlooking the sunset settling behind the hills, and watching the tide come into the cove.

I see a few arctic terns doing what would look like belly flops to the average joe, but i know they are only diving for some food. It's so amazing being back here again, I would always daydream of being home and now that I'm here I feel so amazingly calm and relaxed. There is seriously no place like home! It brings out the good in you. :-)

I have started working on my grant paintings. The first one I tackled was one of the three largest canvases I brought with me. I decided to start with a painting of the icebergs found floating by here in the Labrador/Quebec straits. In fact I just used some bits of this iceberg to cool my gingerale today! Awesome. I took a boat ride with my father yesterday to see one of the icebergs here. It had a huge crystal blue stripe going down the middle as you can see here, talk about something majestic.

Today i tried my hand at trout fishing, but didn't get anything. didn't stop me from visiting a few islands on the way back to our cabin in Clark's Tickle though. First we went to Chapman's Island with my father, brother, and his two kids. I got to see some gull nests and even a few baby seagulls, which of course is always a highlight this time of year.

We then visited the famous Boney Island to get some wood from old Mr. Whiteley's house to use to frame my painting that I have planned for my grant. For those of you wondering, Mr. Whiteley was a man from Boston, who started up the first cod fishery in Quebec, and it is literally next to Clark's Tickle. In fact, the Clark steamships that came to drop off supplies to the island and it's workers would often dock here when there were stormy seas, hence the name Clark's Tickle. He also was the inventor of the codtrap. :-)

Anyhow, enough of the history lesson Lori, I managed to POSSIBLY have a showing at the Bakeapple Festival in Lanse aux Loup in Labrador as well, and a few other workshops. In fact I am attending the Catholic Church's craft guild tomorrow with some ideas for the ladies to work on. My mother is part of the guild, so naturally I am willing to help, and share some ideas. Should be interesting, I can't sew to save my life! But I can doodle, so it's a start! :-P

Anyhow, thats the gist of my first week back home. On Wednesday I meet up with the folks who run the Point Amour Lighthouse, where I will also be having workshops. But other than that I will be painting. It's nice to be surrounding by old friends and family though throughout the day. The inspiration never stops. ;-)



  1. I was super excited when I saw your post! This is amazing Lori.
    I love the photo's you have posted, it only makes me want to visit even more! I am happy to hear that you may have more showings that is wonderful. When is the Bakeapple Festival? Maybe I can head up there then.Can't wait to see some of your work. Love you and thinking of you often.

  2. Oh i want to go too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was wondering today if you had managed to get the ole dial up working long enough to post something! I sooo wish I was back home too! I love the pic of the baby gull-isn't it amazing how its plumage has the exact same markings as the lichen covered rocks behind it? Evolution and adaptation in the flesh!

  4. Sounds like you're having a time out there! :)

  5. Such pretty photos! Glad to hear you had such a great time!

  6. Hi Lori!
    I am glad that you are enjoying yourself and of course your pics are fabulous as usual.
    I wish I was there with you - I think I might enjoy the island now that I am older and can appreciate it - as long as I could take a SHOWER though!!!
    I can't wait to see all of the artwork that you will have produced.
    Love and miss you!

  7. Lori,

    So glad to here that everything is going so well and that you are having a good time. We miss you lots here, but Steve and I are taking good care of Dane!