Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shopping for art supplies and leaving for home!

Well, I can say I have been busy this week, and it does involve the arts, jusssst not so much CREATING as buying supplies for this summer. Where I'm going? You would be lucky to find any sort of paint that isn't meant for walls.

Today I spent a large chunk of my grant budget for my supplies. THIS is what $590.00 looks like, and I'm not even done yet.
No, I have yet to buy my largest canvases, which will be 24 x 48 inches or so. Fairly large, and scary. I tend to work on WAY smaller projects, but they won't really fill up the walls at a show unless you have a ga-zillion of them. :-P

It's funny, I have the funds for some pretty high end supplies and materials, but I stick with my cheap ol' paints! Hey... they work for me! I'm certainly not a brand snob when it comes to stuff. Whatever gets the job done is just dandy. The paint I actually prefer is even cheaper still than what I have here, but I can't buy it here unfortunately.

Well, I leave for my hometown on Sunday, to a place that still has dial-up (I know right... that still exists?!) so I probably won't post as much, but I will also have more to say when I get a chance to do so. I really want to share my experiences painting this summer painting along the beaches and forests of my home. This will be my first time creating a series completely back home, and I am so excited and proud to be able to do so, and I will totally be thinking of you all when I feast upon the oceans bounty.... Mwahaha! ;-D



  1. Can't wait to see you!!!-Roxanne:)

  2. I can't wait to see what you produce!! I LOVE the Salmon Bay painting. Looking forward to it.

  3. Thanks everyone. I am super excited. I mean.... painting by the ocean. How wonderful does that sound? Hope my canvases don't blow away! :-P