Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A whale of a tale!

Written Tuesday, July 5th, 2010 in Clark's Tickle, QC.

It's another evening here on the island. I have been out here since Saturday, and it's now Tuesday night. Lovin' it. My brother, his fiance and their Dog Merlin, are home for a visit this week. I haven't seen them in a year and a half, so it was an extra treat this week to have them out here enjoying the sun... or lack thereof. This week was one of those typical foggy and rainy weekends. My cousin and her family came out for an afternoon on Saturday too which was fun. I have such a huge family that it's nice to get to know and interact with them on more of a regular basis. Her kids and hubby especially enjoyed the seafood, as I did. This week it was mussels and capelin on the menu that started me off. Yum yum! ;-) Oh yeah... whales!! I mentioned on FB that my father and I got to see some whales last monday... close up, and personal. Dad and I after getting ourselves a half a fish tub full of capelin, went out off of Whale Island to see if the humpbacks were taking advantage of the huge masses of capelin like we were. We saw them a long distance away, a tad too far to visit unfortunetly. Then, right out of the blue, as we were prepping to leave, two HUGE humpbacks surfaced about a quarter of a mile away from the boat. We went a little nearer, and then here they were, as close as about 20 feet from our boat. So close that one of them surfaced and blew from it's blowhole, and the mist fell all over my face. I don't think anything stinks more than whale breath. It stink, stank, stunk! :-p I shook the entire time they circled the boat, they weren't aggressive at all, and just floated on the surface. I think they were just as curious about us as we were of them, because they barely moved. It was fantastic. My brothers got to see some whales in the last few days as well as you see here, two more whales that just played around the boat, who they jokingly nicknamed George and Gracie cause they were there two days in a row (just for all your trekkie fans.;-D) When the capelin is rolling here thats when the whales are numerous. You get some great photo op's for sure, and loads of inspiration. Hence why I am working on painting capelin this weekend, I love being able to see in nature what I am painting at the moment. I get to experience my artwork in real life as I paint, how awesome is that? :-)This weekend we celebrated Canada Day by raising the flag out here in Clark's Tickle (Thanks to my brother Bob and his monkey like acrobatics when climbing the flagpole, ) ...having a few fireworks, and drinky-winky's on the side. :-P I also bought some baggies of stuff to make our bonfires pretty. I have used them quite a few times, and I still can stare at the fire for hours. The colors are so nice to watch. This Monday my two brothers... sister in-law's, and my niece and nephew went to Whale island again to have a cookout in the beach. Whale Island should be renamed Butterfly Island cause I have never seen so many back here before! I ended up finding two butterflies who I believe were mating, and had them both on my hand for about a half an hour. They were beautiful, and a serious wake up call to show how our world is changing, we never had butterflies like this when I grew up here. Makes you wonder how much the Earth has warmed up. Well I am hoping to see some whales again tomorrow, but it calls for southeast wind, which apparently brings stormy seas, which I'm not opposed too either, but I would like to be out and about a bit more. Although I got a fair bit of work done on my third painting. :-)
Oh well, bed time, so up to the loft I go. Ta-ta for now! :-)


  1. Thanks Matt! That it was. Nothing like the fresh saltwater air.(If that makes ANY sense whatsoever. :-P)

  2. Wow Lori! I'm so homesick now :( What is the stuff that you put into the fire- I've never of that stuff before. Looks cool! And you are right, it is crazy how there are different kinds of fauna appearing back home now- due to global warming, I'm sure. :(

    On a funny note, it was both awesome and awful to see those capelin! Capelin are yummy but always remind me of working at the fishplant! The first year I worked at the capelin I was 12 years old! Until they found out my real age and I got a lay off ;)

    Take care my dear, keep the stories and artwork coming!

  3. Hahaha! Nadia, that is hilarious! :-P

    That stuff is called mystical fire? I have no idea whats in it... probably mostly bits of metal and whatnot. I think Nickel turns the flames green or something. Anyhow, it's cool to watch. :-)

    Sorry to make you homesick though. lol