Monday, September 20, 2010

Illustration Friday: Acrobat

This weeks theme on illustration Friday is: Acrobat. I opted to do a standard person perhaps doing a flip or two, but really got to thinking about their profession, and tried to figure out what else makes these people so entertaining to watch. Cirque De Soliel really inspires me, (especially since I'm a Quebeccer and all) especially their make-up and costumes. So I tried to capture one of the women I saw on TV last Christmas. The hair and make-up was just amazing. :-)

So here it is!

Click image for larger view


  1. Your right the showmanship and costume is a big part of what make them entertaining. A beatiful painting you have here, I could see it being made from coloured glass with the sun shining through.

  2. Awww thats a neat idea! Thanks! :)

  3. I am inspired by your art work! You have alot of movement it all below. I also love the illustration of the "acrobat".

  4. Thank you, Cyndia! I get inspired constantly by other artists, so it's nice to inspire someone else for a change! Hehe! :D

  5. Wow your illustration is so beautiful...I really loved it! Awesome!!