Thursday, October 7, 2010

Artist block Anyone?!


The last three days have been a complete waste for me creatively. I cannot think straight or come up with anything. Anyone ever get like that? Ya just can't think of an idea thats worth pursuing? I have sketches up the ying-yang that I've done these last few days and half of them ended up in the garbage. ARGH! I hate when I get in slumps like this, and I hate to say it but it wears me down VERY low VERY quickly, and usually takes a lot to bring me back up. :-/

Times like these are really awful because it makes me question myself, and my ability. I start thinking, "Well... crap, am I good enough for this? Seriously?", and that just sucks having to think that about yourself. I have surrounded myself literally with paints and papers and everything used to create so that if I DO get an idea I can just GO for it!... But I cannot think of a single dang thing this week.

I find that sometimes just browsing the web, and seeing other peoples work sometimes helps with and idea or two. But so far no luck. This time of year is physically and mentally very hard for me, and I feel like I really need a push by someone else, weather it be my husband or friends, or family. Sometimes I need that finger pointed as guidance.

Ohhhh what a sappy post this is. But yeah, any thoughts how how you get through a block? I am open to any and ALL ideas at this point.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canucks! :-)



  1. Dang! I think it is something in the air lately. I have been having the same trouble the past 2 days. A walk and being in nature usually helps me a lot! I am sending creative wishes your way! I know you will pull through soon, can't wait to see what you create next.

  2. Hi there, I stumbled on your blog from Illustration Friday and just wanted to say, your work is amazing so don't get disheartened!! You have inspired me :-D keep up the great work!

  3. Awww thanks guys! I almost had a complete meltdown this evening! Mostly cause I was chopping onions and cut my finger... still don't know HOW that happened. ANYHOO thanks for the encouraging words. It's nice to get such positive remarks from people you just met. :)

  4. We all have those moment Lori and they do suck big time. All you can do is wait for them to pass. I think its your mind and body just wanting a break from creating from time to time.

    Self doubt creeps in but its never justified. Your work is good and you know that really. Stupid mind like to mess with our thinking sometimes!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, take a little break from drawing and painting and come back refreshed next week.

  5. Thank you Jeanette. I know time helps but god DANG its so frustrating!

    I did try something completely different today (Wasn't referencing Monty Python that time I SWEAR! lol) I ended up making some crafty bits with paper... for myself! I hardly own any of my work so what the heck right? I think then its done I'll be satisfied and it'll bring a smile to myself. :-)

    Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot!

  6. One way to escape artists block is the tea cup tea pot project.

    On either an index card or in a small drawn box,Draw a very simple tea pot and tea cup. Simple- not detail.

    Now draw 50 more drawings of the same tea pot and tea cup, but from 50 different angles, perspectives etc. It will be easy at first, and then you'll have to really stretch to think of new ways to show the same objects. Its fantastic for breaking out of the norm and experimenting with new compositions. Make sure theres a lightsource and a horizon line in every illo!

  7. HAHAHA! Really? 50? Are there that many angles of a teacup and teapot? lol Very interesting idea. Have you ever done it?

  8. Hi Lori, came across your blog today after you followed mine. Yay! Thanks! Your work is fun and colorful! read your thing about Artist block. We ALL get that so your not alone :) have noticed when I get a block, just need a change of pace. artists need new stuff, new ideas, inspiration. So usually I take a break for a couple of days and do something creative outside my comfort. Like ride a bike, take pictures, paint or sketch outside. It really helps, hope it will help you too. I like the idea that nate williams has on his website, really cool. Heres the link

  9. I am no artist, but here is an idea that I heard of... may or may not be helpful. Try one of your bad ideas... i.e. go back to the garbage can full of sketches, pull one out and work with it. Sometimes the worst of ideas can be your best!