Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The great Indoors.

So the last two days I have been computer-less.... no, no... don't worry, I survived, I-I'm gonna be ok. *sigh* :-P

Its really amazing how much the internet and computers suck up a lot of your time! Weather it be messengers, Facebook and other online social sites, or blogging, browsing, yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea. Its major time suckage. Well, the last few days have really allowed me to be more productive, and made me think that I need to really set a time limit online.

So, to show you HOW productive I've been, here is a glimpse into my world, and some of the things I do to make ME happy. :-)

First of all, I bought this second hand desk from a friend of mines old job, the shelving part wasn't actually attached to the desk, but thanks to my brother Rick, we managed to come up with this design. A LOT better than its original look. But as you can see the white backing had LOADS of nail holes. This poor thing needed some love. SO... thanks to my collection of shnazzy scrapbooking paper I did this! And I am over the moon happy! :-D

I literally cut out pieces of my favorite papers and glued them on with regular stick glue! Ta-da!

So after that was done, I decided to revamp my studio completely. To that means reorganizing and now with the new/old desk I have places for all the little things. :-)

I even reorganized my bulletin board, added a few pictures of loved ones, and places. (Yes, I am the devil in that Halloween pic down in the right corner. :-P)

I had bought these crafty frames back home a few summers ago and honestly didn't have anything to do with them. But I thought, "Lets make some arty pictures for the studio to match my desk! So I took these frames (for $1.49 each I might add) painted them, and added more pretty paper as the actual art. Most of the paper I have is by Amy Butler from K&Company, she has amazing designs.

And here is the result! I love them, they are simple and easy and they add some color to my crappy painter's beige walls. :-P
So here is where they rest, behind my drafting table, so every time i feel like twirling in my chair I can see 'em. :-D (And I do that A LOT.)

Here is majority of my supplies that I use every day; canvases, paints, papers, and a crapload of beach rocks and seaglass... thats for ANOTHER blog though. ;-)

I even made a set of paper collage fishies for my bathroom! Yes to match my shower curtain... yes I took this picture from inside my bathtub. :-P

And after all the crafting and arting, and reorganizing, and redecorating was done, I headed to the kitchen. I really do love to cook. :-P Especially with my NEW SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS! I had to take a picture... they make me so happy.

But yeah I made my own granola this weekend. Made my apartment smell glorious! And the Lemondrop cookies helped too. A great way to end such a busy two days don't cha think? :-)

Anyways, I just thought I would share a bit about myself with a whole whack of pictures. These are some of the things that I enjoy doing, and hey, if it inspires you to do the same, then it's totally worth it. Now if you'll excuse me... I have a date with the cookie jar.



    ha ha ha!!!

    rhonda's daughter

  2. Wow you have been a really busy girl. I love what you did with the desk/ shelves from the shop. Wicked idea, although I love the wall art even more. Your studio looks awesome and so you. It's nice to have a place to go that is just yours hey?
    Thanks this blog lifted me up a little. Not so much to inspire me to do the same ( that would be an act of God right now) but to know that you are so happy lifts me up. Thanks

  3. You're most welcome! Glad to make you happy! I really wanted you to see what I did with the desk the most! I am ever so proud of it, and its like a work of art in itself! I find myself walking into the studio, turning on the light, looking at it, smiling, and walking out again. lol Thanks again for bringing it in for me. :) *hugs*

  4. looks amazing cous...Well done:) worthy of a true artist as yourself xoxoxoox

  5. wow! it looks great! :)

    love that big organizational shelving thing. I've got big dumb plastic drawers i'm trying to figure an alternative to.

    Do you collect all the sea glass and such yourself?

  6. Enjoyed this post! It was fun to read. Good job with all the organizing!
    ~Jessica Kneesch

  7. Hey Annie! My uncle had a house right on the beach back home where he picked up majority of it for me. There are TONNES of it back home. I LOVE beach combing. :-)

    Thanks Roxanne and Jess! :-D

  8. Hi Lori,
    Stumbled upon ur blog through TDAC! I absolutely adore your blog btw! Love all the art work you have posted and the commentary that goes along with it. Looking forward to more stuff and soon!
    P.S. The fat tabby cat is mega cute!

  9. Thanks! This whole blogging thing is new to me, but so far I am enjoying it. :-)

  10. Wow thats a great idea with the book shelf- I really like that!

  11. Thanks Aja! I am still swooning over it. It's like functional art! LOVE that! :-D

  12. wowzers, there is so much overt awesomeness going on on your blog - i love it!
    keep up the fantastic posts you! x x

  13. Well that was just the best comment EVER. So Thank you! :-D