Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye, Cliff.

Well, right now I am in a town on the other side of this island in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland. Unfortunately for sad reasons. Thursday my father-in-law Cliff passed away due to cancer.

After being here for a few days we all sat and talked about Cliff and the love of his gardens. I have never seen a person (along with my mother) who loved gardening more than him. All around his house is covered with flower beds, and green houses, veined with pebble trails and hedges. Cliff's garden is truly a masterpiece and inspiration. It came up a lot on conversation these past few days, and it occurred to me that it really drew me in when I first met my husband. I stayed with his family here for a week or so when we first met, and within a few days, I painted this for him, of his favorite flowers from his garden: tiger lilies.
This was in the summer of 2004 when I painted this for Cliff. He was always so interested in my art, and often would watch me paint. I usually am shy when people watch me as I do something, but I never minded him. Probably cause he would make a wise-crack that would instantly make me laugh and feel comfortable with him. This painting has been on his wall since I did it 6 years ago, and I never had a copy of it. So I took a picture today in hopes of writing about it... and him. Maybe this is closure for me personally. We had falling outs and differences, but when something like this happens, it puts things in perspective, and allows your mind to focus on the good memories, like these few photos that I took of his garden. :-)

Enjoy. I did.



  1. It sounds as if Cliff put his mark on the world in terms of his gardens and his impact on others. Its difficult when someone dies, more for those left behind who have to pick up the pieces and move on with life eventually.

    The flowers are beautiful and one of the things I remember as my father's favourite too. Its good you were able to paint these for him, I'm sure he treasured the painting.

  2. Thank you Jeanette. He sure did put his mark on the world. It was amazing the amount of people who came to see him off.

    And the best part was that he gave us a beautiful sunset and an awfully warm and wonderful afternoon for his burial.

  3. I glad to hear you had such a beautiful day for your goodbyes. I am sorry for both of your losses and pray that you will always remember the good times with Mr. Cliff.

  4. Really beautiful painting :)