Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy December!

Well I can't believe that its already December. I've been so busy since moving to my hometown in November that I haven't gotten much blogging or arting done until recently due to the actual move and renovations to our new space. Since December hit however, I've been digging my fingers back into my paints, coloring pencils, papers, jewellery making, and even photography! Got this cute picture of cedar waxwings eating the dogwood berries off the trees in my folks front yard. I love winter birdies, they are so puffed up and adorable, I have been inspired with some painting in the last few weeks, can't post them on here yet, but here is the photo I took.

This is such a time of year for creativity, which is why its one of my favorite times of the year. Not only art gets my fancy, but baking too of course! Nothing inspires me more to paint winter scenes than the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Yum yum! Will have some pictures of gingerbread cookies that I will decorate soon too! :-)

Speaking of cookies, my hubby Dane, and I attended this years Christmas craft fair in neighboring Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon in late November. Along with our He Sells, She Sells merchandise, we sold 6 kinds of delicious (and HUGE) cookies that everyone loved (and devoured!) We had a wonderful time, and it was for a great cause. Usually craft fairs charge per table, but this fair asks for donations to go towards a huge gift basket full of homemade goodies, in which all proceeds go towards a local cancer foundation. Here is a picture of our booth that Dane and I had, (thanks again for the pic Roxanne!) and the baby belly in front of me. Hehehe! Which brings me to the NEXT paragraph!

WE'RE HAVING A BOY! YAYYY!! We found out last week that we are indeed having a little boy, and we couldn't be happier. (Of course Dane thought it was a girl, I thought it was a boy.... I win. ;-D) So the owl baby room theme we are going with works well. He will be brought up with lots of color in his life. I can't wait to make little doodles of him.

Wow, how weird that I have all my paragraphs leading into one another.... cause here is my Christmas doodle for this years card! Dane and I thought to do a "year in review" this year, with so much happening and all. So this is the doodle on the page. It's Dane and I with our biggest present ever.
Hope you all have a GREAT and safe holiday season! :-)


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby art sketch!

Here is a little sketch I did yesterday for some possible baby art. I'm thinking of a long horizontal canvas, perhaps the length of a crib to put above the actual crib. Since we don't know the sex of the baby YET, we are going with a very bright and colorful theme. No blues for boys; no pink for girls; and as much as I love yellows and greens, no neutrals either. I figure, why not make all colors for everyone! So this owl painting will be very colorful, to match with everything else I have in store. :-)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby Shower Invitation!

Since becoming preggers myself, I've been recently thinking about themes and whatnot for the baby room and all that jazz, and I came up with Owls! SURPRISE SURPRISE! I know I know, but can you blame me? Owls aren't gendered, like dogs are for boys and cats are for girls, and they are just cute and colorful and exactly what I'm going for!

So anyways, my mom will be throwing me a shower relatively soon in the new year, so I decided to make this owl baby shower invite for her to use! This is my first paper collage that I've made in... maybe a year? I don't feel as though I have gotten rusty though! :-)

I also bought a huge canvas yesterday for decorating the baby room with as well. No worries about me posting pictures of that on here soon enough. :-D


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Noooo I didn't forget you!

I've actually been back home, which if you were reading my blogs from last summer, you know that yes, its so isolated back there thats there is STILL only dial-up available. To write, post, and add pictures, is a total drag. (But I hear they're getting highspeed soon! Woo!)

At any rate, my apologies for not posting. But here is an update on some artsy things I did this summer (Which actually wasn't a lot since I'm working on a book) and also some personal news I'll share with you all for funsies.

First of all, I would like to tell you about something I found out this summer early in my visit. I found out that I'm expecting! I'm gonna be a MOM! WOO! This is my hubby and I's first so its pretty freakin' exciting to say the least. So I've been spending most of my time at home with my own mother for her expertise in such matters (Since she raised 5 of us, and helped born 3 other babies herself.) So yeah naturally my mind is in overdrive on nursery art and whatnot, which I'm sure I will post on here too. :-)

So yeah art info, I AM working on a book which I cannot post anything about yet cause its a SURPRISE. But I did do a little painting this summer while I was home and especially when I was at the cabin, which is my favorite place of all. :-)

So heres a peek! A small canvas of wild irises that grew home and a painting of my Dad's collection of ropes and buoys for when he used to fish. Sadly the reference picture I used I took in his old 40-something year old fishing hut which sadly blew down this past spring. So call it an homage to that building.



 Oh and a close up of one of the many iceburgs we saw this summer! It was CRAZY the amount of massive bergs in the straits this summer! :-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birdy Rocks

Here is a few birdy rocks I've painted. A dark eyed-Junco and a Red-breasted Nuthatch, both birds inhabit Rocky Harbour. I can watch the nuthatch running down trees all day long. They are SO cute! :-)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I HATE Dial-up.

Well It's been FOREVER since I posted but for good reason. I actually had to travel back to my hometown for my uncles Funeral last week, so I was rather pre-occupied with my family and being with them at this sad time.

A any rate I "tried" getting on to post some images I did while at home later in my visit and of course I keep having to remember that there is STILL only Dial-up where I'm from. Waiting for an image to load on that speed literally makes me shake with rage. How spoiled are we today with lovely cable and high-speed hmm? :-P

Oh well I enjoyed the later part of the week that me and my hubby were home. We got to visit my folks winter cabin up the river and see baby beavers, it was just lovely! I will post more pics soon, but here is a new lil' watercolor that I finished last week. I seem to be making a name for myself here in Rocky Harbour, as more and more people approached me and talk to me about my work, and lately mine and my hubby's crafty work! We are now wholesaling at a few shops and businesses here in Rocky Harbour, so we are just over the moon happy! Check out our re-touched site He Sells, She Sells, for new items and products! :-)

Heres that doodle for ya! Lost more to come this week when things calm down. Busy busy busy, but thats good right? :-P



Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My hubby's Uncle Harry dropped off about a half a tonne of seaglass, rocks, and ceramic pieces that he has been collecting over the past few years while walking the beaches of Trout River, Newfoundland. Some of you may know that my husband Dane, and I have been making seaglass jewelery and items for the past 5 years or so. Now that we are situated here long term, we hope to make more out of this hobby. Uncle Harry's delivery will be keeping us busy in between projects for sure. :-P

Here are some of the cooler pieces we found amongst the lot, along with the more common colors. So Pretty!



Heart shaped seaglass is always a treat to find! :-)

So many new and beautiful colors for our collection!

Marbles!! A seaglass collectors ultimate prize! :-D

Some gorgeous ceramic pieces as well.

Kelly Green seaglass.

"Milk glass" seaglass.

Cobalt Blue seaglass.

Frosty White seaglass.

Brown and Amber seaglass.

Sea foam seaglass.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Hope all you Mom's out there have a fantastic mothers day! Here is a little watercolor triptych I made for my mother-in-law. She loves her coffee, so I made it to match her room colors. :-)



Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy (be-lated) 1st Birthday Blog!

Thanks for NOTHING post-it!!


Well since I am apparently immune to post-it notices on my wall, and altogether forgetful, my 1 year birthday for this blog was actually on Wednesday. I DID however see the post-it on Friday
but I figured writing this AMAZING blog birthday post would take away from the Royal Wedding. (Haw haw!)


...What do I write?

I mean I could recap the last year artistically speaking, but you can read all of that on here already, and I hate to repeat myself. So how about a glimpse into the future of Lori? :-)

So the past month or so since I have moved to my hubby's hometown of Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, I have been super inspired again by the history and nature here. I'm out taking walks in the wilderness, and taking eleventy billion pictures of anything of interest, meeting new people, exchanging ideas. It's nice to be out and about! Kinda ironic since I just moved from a city thats 300 times more population than here. But a good artist friend of mine once mentioned that it's more lonely in a city than in a rural location. Here you know all of your neighbors, you can have long chats with the grocery clerks, and post office ladies, and random people you pass on the street for an evening walk. Even if you don't know them! THATS what I miss about small towns, everyones accepted, you are immediately a friend unless you act otherwise! Being from a town only half the size of this one still, has taught me to always put on a smile when out and about. You never know who you may run into. :-)

So really, my next move is to get my stuff out here for everyone to see! There is a festival in neighboring town of Norris Point, that I may be able to display my artwork here called, Trails, Tales, and Tunes. I have heard of this festival numerous times but was never in the area during the right time to attend one, so hopefully I will get to show my artwork AND get to listen to some great live music! Bonus! :-) So I will most likely be showing my artwork, along with my crafty items that my hubby and I produce like our seaglass jewelery and painted rocks. Also, something which I have been working on in the past week (hence my lack of posting... whoops!) is some original paper collage art cards! So far I have a couple designs done, but I have a crud more to do for next weeks festival. Here are the ones I have finished. :-)

So yes, I have been taking advantage of this flood of inspiration in the past month I've been here. Hopefully soon I will have a new studio space for myself, because with all of these ideas and projects I am seriously running out of what little room has been given to me. Hehe! Along with these items I'm also working on a new and DIFFERENT book! It's a comic/joke book that me and a friend of mine will be collaborating on. He writes the jokes, I draw the doodles. A lot of the jokes are maritime and more specifically, Newfoundland related. Been working on some sketches for how it will look, so here is a sketch of some random people just to show you for fun. The style may change but, heres a lil' glimpse anyhow. :-D
So yeah! I hope to have a busy summer! Hoping to enjoy time outdoors in the amazing garden that my father-in-law had created, and will hopefully be working on some childhood story books of my own that I have had in mind for years now. I know a comfy porch swing in the gazebo in the garden that is calling for me, my laptop, and a cup of tea. Lately I have been re-reading my Little House books by Laura Ingalls-Wilder, and her style of writing is how I would love to write my books. I used to read her books as a kid in my parents summer/winter cabins, and a lot of the same traditions that she experienced 100+ years ago, my parents did as well! Here is a picture I found of her online, what an amazing lady. :-)

Thanks for everyone who has followed or read any of what I have to say here, I find the Blogging world fascinating! It's just nice to have a place to write down my thoughts and ideas and to be able to share them with you all! Heres to year number 2 and all the artistic adventures that lies within it. :-D



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Being the crafty artist.

Well sometimes creating art isn't enough. Sometimes I need to get crafty. So this Easter I made my own Easter cards out of my large growing abundance of scrapbooking paper! I love doing these. Its fun, and easy, and I find personally made cards just that much more endearing to give to a loved one. :-)

Enjoy! And Have a Happy Easter!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Lil' Snowy Owl.

Heres another watercolor/ink painting just to show you! :-)



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lil' paintings need a home too!

Well yesterday morning I woke up with an idea to paint little watercolors of local animals. 5 x 7 inch watercolor and ink illustrations that I will frame and hopefully post for sale this summer here in Gros Morne at local shops.

I started off with one of my favorite animals, the red fox. Such a beautiful, colorful animal. :-)



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cherry Blossoms!

Looks like I'm keeping up with the flower theme! Totally by chance though. :-)

This was a commission from my old college buddy, Mindy, for a tattoo design she wanted of cherry blossoms. Can't wait to see it in ink! I think getting a tattoo of an artists work is the most flattering of compliments to an artist. Its something they will see every day and have with them their entire lives! Such a accomplished feeling. :-)



Sunday, April 3, 2011

IF: Duet

Well I haven't posted on Illustration Friday in a LONG while, but I drew something specifically for it this week, just for fun. :-)

This was inspired by my two good friends, one a singer, one a music lover, who has found eachother. Makes me burst into giggles! I am such a romantic! *sigh*


Saturday, April 2, 2011

More flowers!

Two flower paintings in one weekend! Oy! Enjoy! This was painting for the other grandmother's birthday 3 days later! lol


Monday, March 28, 2011


I did this watercolor this weekend for a birthday gift for my hubby's grandmother, who turned 85 on Saturday and is as smart as a whip! She's just the sweetest lady. And now she owns some of my artwork.



Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Big Move!

Well in the past two weeks I have packed my belongings and moved over 700km to the other side of this island! Everything happened super quick, but it was going to happen either way, just didn't expect it so suddenly. :-P

But I am now living in beautiful Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland. It's a small town if around 1500 which is located in the middle of Gros Morne National Park. The beauty here is NOT in short supply by any means. It's a constant joy to be back in the wild from the "big city." My hubby is from here originally, so I get to see his family often which is a great relief to me and my lonely days working by myself at home. You never know who will pop in suddenly for tea and a chat. It gives me such a smile and warm feeling in my heart.

Anyways, enough with the mushy stuff, here are some pics I took today of the town and area, with a new blanket of fresh snow. Happy first day of Spring! Hehehe!


A view of Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse (Where I got married!)

The hills on the other side! Sooo pretty!

Someones boat! Love the color. :-)

A view of the Tablelands and Woody Point from our neighboring town, Norris Point.

Rocky Harbour pond, and Gros Morne Mountain on the left! We can see this mountain from our driveway! Woot!

The wharf in Norris Point and the inland saltwater lakes. Truly breathtaking.

Alas, one of the best places for amazing sunsets.

And here is a tourism commercial of this area... you know, for funsies. Enjoy it! I know I will! :-D

Friday, March 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: Warning

Not many man made things as grand as this lighthouse here can give sailors such a warning. I drew this Lighthouse at Point Amour in Labrador, this summer when I stayed there during an art show/painting workshop that I did back home. I stayed in the guest house next to the lighthhouse for 3 nights by myself! Even wandered outside at night to see if any ghosts were around. No luck. Hehehe!

Here is an illustration I did during my show during quiet times (AND some amazing whale watching!)Here is the lighthouse itself! SOOO beautiful! And the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada! :-)

Sorry for the bad picture quality, but this shows you the house in which I stayed, in relation to where the lighthouse was. What a great thing to wake up to! :-)

Here was the exact view from my window in the exhibition room. Whales were passing by in the straits EVERY day! It was truly amazing. :-)



Monday, February 28, 2011

What influences you?

I came across a blog that had a picture called an "influence map." When I read the blurb about it I noticed that it was a poster made for artists to add images of their artistic influences too, to remind us of why we do what we do. Well I was just tickled pink about it, and during the weekend I made one for myself. This is the site where you can get the PDF file to do your own influence map!

I highly suggest it! And whether you are a painter, writer, musician, or even just creative, DO IT! It's just refreshing to relive all your past and present influences and inspiration! :-)



Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fininshed mermaid!

Well I had OODLES of fun painting this. I kept it simple since it will be used for a jewelery business logo. Perhaps if there is a website with this womans work I will post the link here. Anyhoo, enjoy!


PS: This has been sold, and cannot be used by anyone else except for its rightful owner. Just letting people know since I have been getting lots of emails about using this (Some used it already without permission, which is... I'm sorry to say, beyond wrong.) Please respect artists and their rights.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Watercolor Mermaid

I have a new and DIFFERENT commission that I am working on (and quite honestly uber excited about.) It actually got me out of bed early this morning! I LOVE it when you feel so passionate and inspired about creating art that you can't wait to start your day. :-)

Here is the sketch so far! I am gonna paint in watercolors, with lots of jewel toned colors and textures. Weeee! SO EXCITING! AHHH!!! :-D