Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fininshed mermaid!

Well I had OODLES of fun painting this. I kept it simple since it will be used for a jewelery business logo. Perhaps if there is a website with this womans work I will post the link here. Anyhoo, enjoy!


PS: This has been sold, and cannot be used by anyone else except for its rightful owner. Just letting people know since I have been getting lots of emails about using this (Some used it already without permission, which is... I'm sorry to say, beyond wrong.) Please respect artists and their rights.


  1. Just so you know, I used your image as a basis for a drawing in an art envelope swap. I am not gaining any profit and I do not intend to repeat the image, it was just perfect for my undersea envelope. You can see my drawing here:
    I hope this is okay. I didn't find your site until after I drew it.

  2. Hi Lori-Lee! Very pretty :) Please email me back about this design at either or

  3. This painting is already sold and is currently being used as a Jewellery logo design. Thank you though! :-)