Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pin-up Art

I have for the past few years been getting into a lot of retro art and styles from the 40's-60's. One of the things that I have ALWAYS wanted to do was an old-fashioned 50's pin-up girl drawing! I looked for inspiration from old photos of actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Jayne Mansfield and Betty Page, but I ended up liking this one photo of Marilyn Monroe, who lets face it, is a beauty ICON of that time. So this is based on that photo roughly. I have done a few more of them as well, who knows, maybe I will end up doing a pin-up calendar! Hehehe!




  1. Nice job on this! Love the line quality, the volume indicated with subtle color, and the hair. It's great!

  2. She looks great! Love the curls in the hair and the polka-dot parasol :)