Monday, February 28, 2011

What influences you?

I came across a blog that had a picture called an "influence map." When I read the blurb about it I noticed that it was a poster made for artists to add images of their artistic influences too, to remind us of why we do what we do. Well I was just tickled pink about it, and during the weekend I made one for myself. This is the site where you can get the PDF file to do your own influence map!

I highly suggest it! And whether you are a painter, writer, musician, or even just creative, DO IT! It's just refreshing to relive all your past and present influences and inspiration! :-)




  1. The king of "hotel" looking art, but his quirkiness and his smile always captivated me. I can watch him for hours. :P

  2. Yes, and his lovely demeanour! I love Bob Ross.
    Cool idea Lori, think I'll do one meself! I notice we have some influences in commom. :)

  3. Hey nice you did one, Owls are cool. I didn't think I'd spot any mech anime in there but there it is lol.

  4. Bob Ross and Mr. Dress Up - so great!

  5. Hehe! Yes Lena, Mr. Dressup was my first art instructor. I used to get SOO happy when he would sit at that drawing board and doodle during his shows. He was an incredible man for sure.

    I look forward to see your Influence Map Nadia! Thanks! :-D

    Hahaha! Yes Chris, Robotech was my first anime growing up (Or wait... does Astroboy count too? lol) My older brothers and I would watch it all the time. It's just a fantastic series. Glad you came to see my map, and thanks again for posting. :-)