Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy (be-lated) 1st Birthday Blog!

Thanks for NOTHING post-it!!


Well since I am apparently immune to post-it notices on my wall, and altogether forgetful, my 1 year birthday for this blog was actually on Wednesday. I DID however see the post-it on Friday
but I figured writing this AMAZING blog birthday post would take away from the Royal Wedding. (Haw haw!)


...What do I write?

I mean I could recap the last year artistically speaking, but you can read all of that on here already, and I hate to repeat myself. So how about a glimpse into the future of Lori? :-)

So the past month or so since I have moved to my hubby's hometown of Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland, I have been super inspired again by the history and nature here. I'm out taking walks in the wilderness, and taking eleventy billion pictures of anything of interest, meeting new people, exchanging ideas. It's nice to be out and about! Kinda ironic since I just moved from a city thats 300 times more population than here. But a good artist friend of mine once mentioned that it's more lonely in a city than in a rural location. Here you know all of your neighbors, you can have long chats with the grocery clerks, and post office ladies, and random people you pass on the street for an evening walk. Even if you don't know them! THATS what I miss about small towns, everyones accepted, you are immediately a friend unless you act otherwise! Being from a town only half the size of this one still, has taught me to always put on a smile when out and about. You never know who you may run into. :-)

So really, my next move is to get my stuff out here for everyone to see! There is a festival in neighboring town of Norris Point, that I may be able to display my artwork here called, Trails, Tales, and Tunes. I have heard of this festival numerous times but was never in the area during the right time to attend one, so hopefully I will get to show my artwork AND get to listen to some great live music! Bonus! :-) So I will most likely be showing my artwork, along with my crafty items that my hubby and I produce like our seaglass jewelery and painted rocks. Also, something which I have been working on in the past week (hence my lack of posting... whoops!) is some original paper collage art cards! So far I have a couple designs done, but I have a crud more to do for next weeks festival. Here are the ones I have finished. :-)

So yes, I have been taking advantage of this flood of inspiration in the past month I've been here. Hopefully soon I will have a new studio space for myself, because with all of these ideas and projects I am seriously running out of what little room has been given to me. Hehe! Along with these items I'm also working on a new and DIFFERENT book! It's a comic/joke book that me and a friend of mine will be collaborating on. He writes the jokes, I draw the doodles. A lot of the jokes are maritime and more specifically, Newfoundland related. Been working on some sketches for how it will look, so here is a sketch of some random people just to show you for fun. The style may change but, heres a lil' glimpse anyhow. :-D
So yeah! I hope to have a busy summer! Hoping to enjoy time outdoors in the amazing garden that my father-in-law had created, and will hopefully be working on some childhood story books of my own that I have had in mind for years now. I know a comfy porch swing in the gazebo in the garden that is calling for me, my laptop, and a cup of tea. Lately I have been re-reading my Little House books by Laura Ingalls-Wilder, and her style of writing is how I would love to write my books. I used to read her books as a kid in my parents summer/winter cabins, and a lot of the same traditions that she experienced 100+ years ago, my parents did as well! Here is a picture I found of her online, what an amazing lady. :-)

Thanks for everyone who has followed or read any of what I have to say here, I find the Blogging world fascinating! It's just nice to have a place to write down my thoughts and ideas and to be able to share them with you all! Heres to year number 2 and all the artistic adventures that lies within it. :-D




  1. Thanks Sharon! Heres to many more! :-)

  2. I love those cards! so cute :)

  3. Aww thanks Annie! My hubby and I made a whale one last night! Hehe! :-)