Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I HATE Dial-up.

Well It's been FOREVER since I posted but for good reason. I actually had to travel back to my hometown for my uncles Funeral last week, so I was rather pre-occupied with my family and being with them at this sad time.

A any rate I "tried" getting on to post some images I did while at home later in my visit and of course I keep having to remember that there is STILL only Dial-up where I'm from. Waiting for an image to load on that speed literally makes me shake with rage. How spoiled are we today with lovely cable and high-speed hmm? :-P

Oh well I enjoyed the later part of the week that me and my hubby were home. We got to visit my folks winter cabin up the river and see baby beavers, it was just lovely! I will post more pics soon, but here is a new lil' watercolor that I finished last week. I seem to be making a name for myself here in Rocky Harbour, as more and more people approached me and talk to me about my work, and lately mine and my hubby's crafty work! We are now wholesaling at a few shops and businesses here in Rocky Harbour, so we are just over the moon happy! Check out our re-touched site He Sells, She Sells, for new items and products! :-)

Heres that doodle for ya! Lost more to come this week when things calm down. Busy busy busy, but thats good right? :-P




  1. love him! good to see you back :)

  2. Dial up? Good lord. Taping your favorite shows onto VHS? Watching tv using an -snicker- antennae? Oh wait, I do that!

    Hey Lor, you need to go on chat sometimes so we can, uh, chat. I miss the daily messages back and forth.

    Take care, keep on arting!

  3. Oh har har har! :-P VHS.... pfffttt.