Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby art sketch!

Here is a little sketch I did yesterday for some possible baby art. I'm thinking of a long horizontal canvas, perhaps the length of a crib to put above the actual crib. Since we don't know the sex of the baby YET, we are going with a very bright and colorful theme. No blues for boys; no pink for girls; and as much as I love yellows and greens, no neutrals either. I figure, why not make all colors for everyone! So this owl painting will be very colorful, to match with everything else I have in store. :-)



  1. I think all the colors for everyone is a wonderful idea! I really like the long canvas above the crib idea, that is what I would do if I was doing a baby's room. And your art work is amazing like always. I really miss you and our talks we need to Skype soon!

  2. I see this is several years old but I came across it on Pinterest when I was looking for mini embroidery pattern ideas to use embroidering buttons made from the metal covers.I have had the supplies but cannot draw very good and do not have a printer so it would have to be something I could trace off the screen or draw by looking at it. I think I could do both with these owls. I have also been looking for one more owl on a branch design to re-create a shirt I made in high school where I embroidered an owl on a branch on each pocket. I found the exact embroidery pattern for one but not the second one. This would be ideal and still fit on a pocket.It would even be OK if I had to drop a couple of owls off the branch. I hope you don't mind if I use them for my embroidery or for the button covers that will be mostly gifts for family. I was prompted to ask how your multi color baby room turned out all those years ago? Back in 1987 when my first child was o the way we did not want to know the sex until he or she was born and we had just bought a house a year or so before and were so excited to go all out for the baby's room. I made so many crafts and I picked seafoam green as the main color. As for the theme, I would never pick it today, not in a million years, but I picked bears! Ugh! I would do something like flamingos and squirrels these days. I still hope to have grandchildren one day. Both my kids are between 24 and 28 and are no where close. I hope to own my own home again then and my idea is to cater to both sexes but not in horrible primary colors! I HATE primary colors! I had the idea to use ALL colors and in order to do it where it makes sense like it was made to be that way my theme is going to be a vintage children's world. I have already been collecting things so when I hope to own my own home again one day and I can start on my baby room!