Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I know I said I'd post more often, but...

I kinda got...busy. :-)

Welcome the new member of our family, little Clark was born Feb 25th: 8 pounds 3 ounces, and 21.3 inches long. These past few months have been insane both renovation wise and prepping for the babies arrival. I guess they call it "nesting syndrome?" Either way... I drove my hubby nuts. HA!

 Here is a short but sweet blog to show you our little adorable bundle of joy. Ohhhhhh boy I can see how he will constantly inspire my artwork from this day forward. So far these past few months I have been offered a bunch of art teaching projects and programs for the kids in my old highschool and for the Quebec/ Labrador Foundation. So I look forward to getting back into my art to finally update this thing! (Once the swelling and feeling in my drawing fingers come back... ahhh the joys of pregnancy. :-D)

Here is a sneak peek of my hubby and the nursery as of about a month ago. WAY better quality pics and artwork pics to come!




  1. Congratulations! Clark is just beautiful- what a big happy boy! I'm not on facebook anymore so I had to come here to get in touch...what happened to your March 4 (my birthday) due date? :) :) Enjoy your time with the little one, maybe I'll see you back home this summer. :) Take care!


  2. Awww thanks Nadia! I was wondering where you've been and what you've been up too. lol We will have to get together this summer for sure if you come back home. Yeah my March 4th due date sorta flopped with the whole "being induced/emergency c-section" thing. No worries though, it was only because my blood platelets were a tad low or some crap. Better safe than sorry I guess! Hehehe! Keep in touch! xo