Monday, May 28, 2012

Imitation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery.

So I have been checking out all these new Blogger tidbits about how to track your stats and all that jazz. When I notice that a TONNE of my blog hits come from; a virtual bulletin board of crafty ideas. I click on the site, only to find my lil' owl rocks that I had painted last year, and which I have posted in a previous blog, has been plastered all over this site. How exciting! Its amazing what happens when you aren't paying attention! Hehe!

What I also noticed is that a few other images have been posted as well in the same category as mine, and I must admit, look very much like my little owl dudes. I am most flattered that they think my designs are worth trying for themselves, and I certainly encourage everyone to paint rocks. Its fun, its not expensive, and it gets you outdoors! What can be any better? Only yesterday I was beach-combing for some dandy rocks myself. I hope to be posting oodles of them up here soon, and have them up for sale on my craft site as well. Thanks to you folks who have painted these, you totally made my day! :-)



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