Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sea Pottery Painted Brooches

Here is a new item to be sold on my hubby and I's craft site soon! These are hand painted brooches made from shore washed pottery, a lot like seaglass but pottery! We get a lot of smooth pottery shards with beautiful designs on them already; those I don't paint. These (and we have a LOT of them) are plain pottery pieces. I was wondering what to do with them, so last fall we came up with pendants and earrings which I have previously posted about here, but this spring I tried my hand at making brooches with them, since they are coming back into style. Here are a few I did this past week (During baby's naps of course, hehe!) Tell me what you think? Always love to know. :-)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Birchwood Elementary Art Class!

I was honoured earlier this year by the students of Birchwood Elementary, who chose me as their artist of the month, and decided to do some paper collage "fattie" owls of their own! Thank you, guys! This is just the neatest thing ever, and you all did such a fantacular job! :-)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

Hope all you Daddys out there a wonderful fathers day! My husband is enjoying his first Fathers Day this morning with a morning nap! Here is a daddy and baby fox paper collage I did a few years ago. :-)


Thursday, June 14, 2012


Summer is truly upon western Newfoundland. There is about 50 types of flowers and 5-10 different pansy flowers alone in my late father-in-law's garden, which has been kept up by my brother-in-law. They look so cheerful and bright! Makes me happy just looking at them. Of course I also found a local flower which I grew up picking as a little girl. Apparently they are a type of starflower. Very pretty, and very inspiring! Better crack out the watercolours while baby Clark is napping. Hehe!

Fire coloured tulips. 

 Bleeding hearts.

Our local Starflower.

I even love the fluffy seed globes of Dandelions. 

 Pansies, pansies EVERYWHERE!