Monday, September 24, 2012

Said the Squid comics, by yours truly! :-)

Heres yet another adventure I am taking part in! A series of one panel comics written by funny man, and now co-worker Jeff Hollett from Yellowknife, NWT, and drawn by me! Been working on these for the past year now, and I have half the project yet to complete. (Having a baby kinda delayed things. lol) So Jeff, decides last week to show a few comics to potential Newspapers to see if there is any interest? Um... yeah, There was. After one week we currently are being published in 16+ (I say + cause I honestly lost count at 16) Newspapers hailing from coast to coast to coast and even abroad with 3 of the Newspapers in the UK as well! We are just floored! So here is our blog/site: so please by all means follow and prepare to giggle at silly Northern humour. :-D



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  1. Awesome Lori!! That is so cool, Congratulations!