Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sugar Skull

This year for Halloween, I am mixing it up a bit. I am dressing as a girl clown, but with a twist! Instead of clown make-up I am doing Sugar Skull make-up! Since my costume is red and black and meant to be a tad spookier than the average clown, I thought this would add to its eerie-ness! I also made a rose headpiece in case I want go full blown Sugar Skull costume by glueing fake roses and its leaves to a headband. I had to spray paint white roses black since I couldn't find any black. SO, here is a drawing I did of the make-up design I hope to accomplish this year. Likey? And also the floral headpiece. What will you be dressing up as this year for Halloween? :-)


Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween: Past and Future

If any of you know me personally, you know I am completely coo-coo for cocoa puffs when it comes to Halloween. Halloween IS my Christmas. It's my favourite holiday, in my favourite season, of my favourite month. BLISS.

Since I had moved home, I had it set in my mind that I would do something AMAZING. I always wanted to do a big show for the kids as a treat for them AND for me. Once when I was 13-14 years old I went trick-or-treating, and back home, being a small town and all, we came to a house I was very familiar with and knew the family well. Well THIS year, they had more family than usual (Including two teenagers who had moved home that year, one my age, and one a year older. Well, they had the house decorated with what seemed to be a mad scientist/surgery theme. Where they were all pretending to cut up fully awake people (The teenagers who I went to school with). It was SCARY and SO entertaining! I never EVER forgot that Halloween, and if any of you that were involved are reading this, THANK YOU for that experience. Because it made me want to do it so badly for myself.

Well, last year was my first year home for Halloween in over 10 years, and I finally got my wish. My husband, cousin Garett and I dressed up, decorated the house inside and out, and put on a real show involving my husband Dane as Jack the ripper, Garett as Jason from Friday the 13th (with a working chainsaw and fog machine for extra scariness) and me as a zombie emerging from a graveyard we had set up behind the house. I literally camped out behind a tree in the backyard. I'm glad the kids couldn't see a zombie covered in a blanket on a lawn chair drinking a ceramic mug of chai. How LAME that would have looked! Hehehe! I nearly froze my zombie butt off but it was so worth it. Some kids (Grown teenage boys at that) jumped a clear 2 feet in the air when they saw me groaning and dragging my limbs through our make-shift graveyard. When my cousin popped out of the backyard shed with the screeching chainsaw and spooky fog? Well, that made them run clear down the driveway in fear. Best. Reaction. EVER. That alone made it worth while.

Me and me again with my "Jack the Ripper" Husband. Aren't we cute together? Made my costume AND did my make-up in a half an hour. Thats gotta be a new record. 

Well this year I wanted to step away from my usual Halloween theme of ghosts, zombies, and general creepy dead characters, and do something different. My husband and I decided on this years theme to be: Demented Circus. Which is funny because I know the movie IT (By Stephen King no less) made Dane afraid of clowns. Hehe! Perfect! So I know with some imagination, and a few supplies, we can HOPEFULLY come close to what I had in mind. Here is some sketches of what I hope to plan this year for the kiddies. *fingers crossed*

Hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween and Autumn in general. :-)



Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rocks of 2012

I never took any GOOD pictures of the rocks I painted for last years craft fair, except for the cruddy ones I took using... of all things... my ipod. I know... lame, but alas, here are a few pics for your enjoyment! Look for some new rocks that I have painted for this years fair soon. I sold approx. 30 rocks last year so I plan on having OODLES more painted this year. :-)


PS: Just so you know, all of these are sold.

Friday, September 6, 2013

"Love you to the Moon and back."

Hi folks! (I'm still here!)

Here is a little acrylic painting I created for a customer's son who graduated from highschool. Apparently the saying "Love you to the moon and back" was something she used to tell her son as a child. What a perfect gift to give your child as he/she leaves home, don't you think? I was so touched by the sentiment that I just fell in love with the idea myself, (and the fact that the image came to life through my imagination and not from a photo for a change, it was truly refreshing! :-P) Here are the before and afters; the sketch that eventually led to the finished painting.


Friday, July 12, 2013

School Mural

This is what I have been up to the past few months with the kiddies at my old highschool. We've been creating an 8 piece mural that represented the subjects they studied in school. I had students google images that represented their chosen subject, I then made digital collages, and we they painted them on canvases! Theres English, French, Phys. Ed, Science and Technology, Art and Music, Geography, Canadian History, and Math. I had so much fun with the students who volunteered their precious time to help me (Especially during exams too! Yikes! Cutting it close, Lori! Geez!) A big thank you to Ian, Holly, Savannah, Chanelle, Joey, Felicia, Marcus and Hailey, and of course the art teachers who had me hang out in their art classes these past few months, and Eileen the principal (And my Elementary school French teacher!)   for allowing me this opportunity. :-)

So, heres the mural pictures and also pictures of where they are displayed in the foyer skylight at my old high school.  Enjoy!



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New/Old Rock

Heres a rock I did a few years ago using one of my favourite Japanese prints as the subject; The Great Wave. It was a TAD tedious but totally worth it. You should try it! Re-create one of your fave artworks onto a rock for yourself. :)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

St. John's Houses

One of the highschool art projects going on right now is to do a painting of the colourful row houses of downtown St. John's, Newfoundland. I lived there for 2.5 years, and I gotta say, the only place I would ever move away from my home town would be to go back to St. John's. Its just a colourful, artsy, and friendly place to live, and I made some really good friends there whom I miss dearly.

Here is my version of the row houses! I have seen these colourful houses painted in this sorta warped, graphic-like style a lot so I went with it for funsies. I also created the bottom painting a few years ago which I was actually commissioned me to paint it this way. Love it, and love that city!


PS: St. John's is the 13th most colourful city in the world! Some useless knowledge for ya. ;-)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Momma!

My Mom turned the big 7-0 yesterday! I celebrated by creating a birthday filled with her favourite things: Seafood (me and my chef husband made a seafood chowder, and Mom's fave: Sushi!) baked brie in phyllo dough (Cause she loves cheese ALMOST as much as me), and I made jell-o mousse (Cause she loves her jell-o too!) and of course I had to make her a cake that matched her candle colours, and her love of gardening and flowers. So I made these paper flowers out of scrapbooking paper and glued them to skewers. They turned out so pretty! (Just keep them far back enough to NOT be engulfed in flames. Hehe!) My baby boy Clark certainly loved the num-nums. :-)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Carving Your Own Stamps

After purchasing some goodies last summer, I've finally gotten around to carving up some home made stamps. ( Of course I was heavily influenced by one of my fave artists, the amazingly talented Geninne Zlatkis, and her new book on stamp carving, check her book out on Amazon!

Soooo having a few semesters worth of printmaking under my belt during University, I purchased some carving blocks online (Apparently the ones I bought here, made by Staedtler, isn't available any more. Too bad because they are INSANELY easy to carve... yup... says right on the pack, "Cuts "like butter", and I couldn't agree more.) I also had a lovely Colorbox stamping ink set with a wide variety of colors in my Christmas stocking last year, so along with my little carving set I purchased at Walmart, I am ready to ROLL! :-D

So I started off with simply drawing out what I planned on carving. I wanted to make a flower set, so here is a rose stamp that I started. 

I started by using the small V shaped tip that came with my carving set to cut out the lines that I drew. Remember that whatever you carve out will remain white when stamped.

After the lines were carved I added a few more details to it, and cut away what was around the drawing. Now we're ready to stamp! I love this Colorbox set my hubby gave me, you can detach what color you want and ink up your individual stamp with. Nifty!

So here is the result with a few other flowers I carved and stamped. You can use these for scrapbooking, or making your own cards, heck, why not make a personal stamp for using on the backs of your envelopes! Ooo! Schnazzy! :-)

Happy stamping!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy birthday tractor!

This is a little gift I did up for my baby boy for his Daddy on the weekend as a birthday gift. I used his foot to stamp on paper and paper collaged the rest of the image to make it into a cute little tractor! Awww! I saw this idea on pinterest and HAD to try it. It's so simple to do and will be cherished FOREVER. I think even Daddy teared up a bit. ;-) (What a wuss hey? Hehe!)


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tundra Blueberries.

I painted this blueberry picture for a local art project. These aren't just blueberries, they are TUNDRA blueberries (Just to prove how north we really live, right?) and they are the sweetest most flavourful blueberries I have ever eaten. Not biased... honest! ;-)

Painted with acrylics on canvas board.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Awesome vintage "how-to-draw" book archive!

I was just browsing through Pinterest ( I joined last week... what an amazing time suck!) and I was looking up projects for the students in my art classes and lookie what I found! This AMAZING archive of how-to-draw all kinds of stuff published in 1913 by E. G. Lutz. Its an old book, but hey, drawing never gets old, and especially tricks on how to draw subjects more easily. PLEASE use this and share with your kids/students. Its a great reference resource. Here are a few images from the book. :)



Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Personal Crest

Since I have been an aide to the art teachers here in my old highschool for the last month or so, I have been trying to participate with the kids projects to get them inspired. A few weeks ago Ms. Thomas (Not me, the art teacher here... and YES we're related of course. lol ) suggested to the kids that they create a personal crest that represents themselves. I thought it was a great idea! It's personal, and when it comes to teenagers, they are very "into" themselves and their generation. So here is my crest! The owl represents my favourite animal, of course it holds a paintbrush and palette to represent my passion and career, the daisies are my fave flower and the first thing I learned how to draw, the waves represent my love of the ocean and my home, and the crest colours are my fave colours: aqua and green. Yay! If you are a teacher I would highly suggest doing this as a class project. It was fun, and even thought it was about me, it was surprisingly challenging. I even got Ms. Thomas and the sub. teacher, Gail to do one as well. Hehe!

PS: This reminded me of doodling in class wayyyyy back when. LOVED THE FEELING! :D

Friday, April 26, 2013

Decorating with Paper!

I finally get to show you what I did with my little guys room. Here are a few of the things I've done, and were done for me to create his owl-inspired nursery.

First off, here is a small paper collage that I created to go inside as the face for a clock that was given to me for Clark at my baby shower. The original face of the clock had a badly drawn hippo, and it kinda clashed with the owl theme. SO... I took the paper face out, made a template on some scrapbooking paper, and did a little Daddy owl and baby flying a kite together! Cute right? You can totally do this with any old or cheap clock that needs a facelift. (*Snorts* Get it? Facelift! :-D)

Here are a few shadow boxes I had floating around that I picked up at the Dollar Store a few summers ago. So I made an "ABC" set of 3 paper collages to go above Clark's dresser.

Here is the artwork that I made to go over Clark's crib. I saw this idea on Martha Stewart and had to try it for myself. I used scrapbook paper and mod podge to plaster it to the pieces of plywood that I had my father cut for me. I would like to try making more of these in the future. :-)

Annnnd last but not least, here is the baby blanket that my Aunt Eva made for his crib. She used one of my paper collages as the pattern. Isn't it gorgeous? I really need to learn how to sew.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Illustration Friday: Wild!

I have never posted this image on here but I found it today and thought it was perfect for this weeks Illustration Friday entry! (And a good way to get me back into posting on there as well.:D) So here is my wild mermaid.

Drawn on paper, coloured with colouring pencils and inked.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I have done these "doodles" for quite a while now. They are just a trend that comes and goes. It started off this time with me posting my bio "doodle" of myself on my facebook that I used for a new soon-to-be-published book. So oodles of doodles later, I'm up to my eyeballs in drawings, and they are so FUN to do! Here are a few of people that I have done lately. including the first one, of my husband, baby boy, and myself. :)


Friday, April 5, 2013

That was a LONG break! :-)

Well I am back in my little hometown of roughly 400 inhabitants in the north-eastern part of Quebec, where... believe it or not, dial up is the only source of internet connection. ALAS, I have been offered  a temporary art teaching job here in my old highschool, and THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY they have highspeed. So, I get to update here whenever I can! Yippee!

Lets celebrate with a little watercolor I created a few months ago. I look forward to getting back into regular posts and oodles of images VERY soon. :-)