Friday, April 5, 2013

That was a LONG break! :-)

Well I am back in my little hometown of roughly 400 inhabitants in the north-eastern part of Quebec, where... believe it or not, dial up is the only source of internet connection. ALAS, I have been offered  a temporary art teaching job here in my old highschool, and THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY they have highspeed. So, I get to update here whenever I can! Yippee!

Lets celebrate with a little watercolor I created a few months ago. I look forward to getting back into regular posts and oodles of images VERY soon. :-)



  1. we've missed you and your updates xx

  2. And we look forward to reading the post. Congrats on the teaching job, I know you will be awesome! I really like this illustration but it should be on a box of tea you should submit it to one of the tea companies and see what they say.