Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Carving Your Own Stamps

After purchasing some goodies last summer, I've finally gotten around to carving up some home made stamps. ( Of course I was heavily influenced by one of my fave artists, the amazingly talented Geninne Zlatkis, and her new book on stamp carving, check her book out on Amazon!

Soooo having a few semesters worth of printmaking under my belt during University, I purchased some carving blocks online (Apparently the ones I bought here, made by Staedtler, isn't available any more. Too bad because they are INSANELY easy to carve... yup... says right on the pack, "Cuts "like butter", and I couldn't agree more.) I also had a lovely Colorbox stamping ink set with a wide variety of colors in my Christmas stocking last year, so along with my little carving set I purchased at Walmart, I am ready to ROLL! :-D

So I started off with simply drawing out what I planned on carving. I wanted to make a flower set, so here is a rose stamp that I started. 

I started by using the small V shaped tip that came with my carving set to cut out the lines that I drew. Remember that whatever you carve out will remain white when stamped.

After the lines were carved I added a few more details to it, and cut away what was around the drawing. Now we're ready to stamp! I love this Colorbox set my hubby gave me, you can detach what color you want and ink up your individual stamp with. Nifty!

So here is the result with a few other flowers I carved and stamped. You can use these for scrapbooking, or making your own cards, heck, why not make a personal stamp for using on the backs of your envelopes! Ooo! Schnazzy! :-)

Happy stamping!


  1. These are cool! And great to see the process - thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for commenting! Appreciate the feedback! :)