Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween: Past and Future

If any of you know me personally, you know I am completely coo-coo for cocoa puffs when it comes to Halloween. Halloween IS my Christmas. It's my favourite holiday, in my favourite season, of my favourite month. BLISS.

Since I had moved home, I had it set in my mind that I would do something AMAZING. I always wanted to do a big show for the kids as a treat for them AND for me. Once when I was 13-14 years old I went trick-or-treating, and back home, being a small town and all, we came to a house I was very familiar with and knew the family well. Well THIS year, they had more family than usual (Including two teenagers who had moved home that year, one my age, and one a year older. Well, they had the house decorated with what seemed to be a mad scientist/surgery theme. Where they were all pretending to cut up fully awake people (The teenagers who I went to school with). It was SCARY and SO entertaining! I never EVER forgot that Halloween, and if any of you that were involved are reading this, THANK YOU for that experience. Because it made me want to do it so badly for myself.

Well, last year was my first year home for Halloween in over 10 years, and I finally got my wish. My husband, cousin Garett and I dressed up, decorated the house inside and out, and put on a real show involving my husband Dane as Jack the ripper, Garett as Jason from Friday the 13th (with a working chainsaw and fog machine for extra scariness) and me as a zombie emerging from a graveyard we had set up behind the house. I literally camped out behind a tree in the backyard. I'm glad the kids couldn't see a zombie covered in a blanket on a lawn chair drinking a ceramic mug of chai. How LAME that would have looked! Hehehe! I nearly froze my zombie butt off but it was so worth it. Some kids (Grown teenage boys at that) jumped a clear 2 feet in the air when they saw me groaning and dragging my limbs through our make-shift graveyard. When my cousin popped out of the backyard shed with the screeching chainsaw and spooky fog? Well, that made them run clear down the driveway in fear. Best. Reaction. EVER. That alone made it worth while.

Me and me again with my "Jack the Ripper" Husband. Aren't we cute together? Made my costume AND did my make-up in a half an hour. Thats gotta be a new record. 

Well this year I wanted to step away from my usual Halloween theme of ghosts, zombies, and general creepy dead characters, and do something different. My husband and I decided on this years theme to be: Demented Circus. Which is funny because I know the movie IT (By Stephen King no less) made Dane afraid of clowns. Hehe! Perfect! So I know with some imagination, and a few supplies, we can HOPEFULLY come close to what I had in mind. Here is some sketches of what I hope to plan this year for the kiddies. *fingers crossed*

Hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween and Autumn in general. :-)



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