Monday, October 12, 2015

Montreal Show and my Return to the Interwebs

Hey guys!

Ok ok, I know I said I would post more regularly, but... ok I lied. I came back in March from a jam packed week of art shows and conferences and sushi and China Town and god knows what else in Montreal, and I sort of... just a little bit... went into hibernation for about 2 months. (Tends to happen up here in the frozen north.)

And before you know it, I began my summer job in May as our museums curator. It's been an interesting summer to say the least. Quite possibly the most stressful and busy summer of my life. Therefore, no arting I'm afraid, and of course that means not a peep from me on here naturally.

But, work is finished for the season, and I am literally DYING to get back to the ol' easel. The work I created for Montreal has left me with such a lingering burst of creative energy, that, even though I was up to my eyeballs at the museum this summer, I wanted to paint SO. FREAKIN. BAD.

Here is some of the pieces I created specifically for the show (Which went over swimmingly I might add; sold 3 originals, a crap-tonne of prints and artcards, and was left with 5 out of 21 rocks. Not too shabby! But the most valuable thing that happened to me there was the meeting of old and new friends. Wow.)


PS: Stay tuned for more posts. I MEAN IT THIS TIME. ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A little makeover

Well, I will admit, the last few weeks I would have had a GREAT excuse not to post (The fact that we here on the Lower North Shore have gotten slammed with a crap-tonne of snow.) I however, have no excuse for not posting since this time last year (Actually I have an excuse for that too. Lets just say I have been so ridiculously busy that its a miracle I remembered to dress myself in the mornings.)

Now... it's my down-time. Time where I get to dabble in things that I have put on hold, such as painting my son's mural in his room, some decorating and re-arranging of the house, baking and cooking some acquired recipes collected over the last year, finally creating some new rocks to sell. But NO! Instead I am up to my eyeballs in paint! Creating a series of paintings for the YES! Art Exposition in Montreal next month. I was a late applier for the show that consists of 64 artists from all over Quebec, but I was accepted, and now I am busier than I have ever been.

And it feels WONDERFUL.

I am painting at my own pace; I am pushing my boundaries and trying new techniques and styles, and hell, even trying new materials to paint on! This is an exciting time for me. Don't get me wrong, I am completely and utterly petrified to head out to the big city and this big show with such accomplished and talented artists, but I am as ready as I'll ever be. The only expectations that I hope to achieve are to make some new artist friends, and perhaps have a great meal in China town. (WHAT?! The food there is delicious!)

Of course, on my never to-do list I also listed re-vamping the ol' website and blog. Gotta keep up with the Joneses am I right? So, enjoy my new look AND my new website! I added a new page with a few of the rocks I have created over the past few years. I think painting rocks will have some staying power with me. I love giving people the chance to own a piece of the Lower North Shore. Especially the ones who aren't as lucky as I am to have the opportunity to live back home. I count myself lucky everyday to be able to live my days here. :-)

Ok, enough sappy stuff. Enjoy the new look, and expect more REGULAR posts from me.