Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's tourist season in Gros Morne!

Visit Gros Morne
Gros Morne National Park is a complete wonder to behold. It truly doesn't seem like it fits here in Newfoundland. With it's grand mountains, tall trees, and saltwater fjords, it's a complete contrast to the tundra-like northern peninsula and Labrador which I am so used to.  I am so fortunate to be living here again. The last time I lived here was before my husband and I had children, so now my kids get to experience it too!

For about a month and a half I have set up a somewhat small studio area in the house, just big enough to start cranking out some rocks for the summer tourist buzz. I managed to get some interest in my rocks through friends of friends and now I have approx. 40 painted rocks up for sale at the cute and cozy Jenniex House and Cafe in Norris Point (the next town over from Rocky Harbour.) So far so good after 24 hours, I was called by the manager and was informed to start painting more. Yikes!

Visit the Jenniex House
Built in 1926, the Jenniex House really is quaint though. It's literally the first house you see driving into Norris Point, atop a hill overlooking the fjords and in the distance the small town of Woody Point and the magnificent Tablelands (the only place in the WORLD where you can see the Earth's Mantle exposed. It's amazing!) I suggest anyone driving through to take the time to stop at the Jenniex house for a few photos from the Photographers lookout there. It's breathtaking!

Taken by my good friend Serena. Crazy view, right? 

That's it for now! I will post some photos of some of the rocks I painted that are for sale at the craft shop real soon. If you do visit the Jenniex house, look for my sign (below.)


See some of my rocks on my website!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Whew! I'm getting around! ;)

Well I got the nerve to join a Facebook rock painting group last night (It's a closed group, so to view, request to join). I didn't really feel like posting for a while. I am a shy person and I sorta wanted to scope the place out a bit before getting the courage to post my work. There is this little ping of anxiety that I get whenever I show anyone anything for the first time, let alone a FB page of 17,000+ complete strangers! So I posted a mermaid rock on the page that I did recently. The reaction nearly did me in...

Heres the story. I painted a whack load of urchins recently too but tried a different technique with them. I always paint a variety of shades of greens/blues/whatever on each urchin to replicate their stripes. This time, I left part of the stripes bare to show the rocks natural colour underneath. It was beautiful! It made each one unique this way, and I don't know if it's my OCD or not, but I always hated completely covering my rocks with paint. To me it always felt like 'the rocks can't see', and people might wonder when they purchase a rock as to what they look like underneath ( I know, I'm a total whack-a-do, but bare with me.) From the years 2012-2016, I would leave a square bare on the back for people who were curious. Like I always am. ;)

Well, back to my mermaid rock. I painted her the same way. I left her hair as a part of the natural rock; I lightly shaded it so it had some depth. It turned out nice! I posted it on my personal FB and people loved it! I was happy with her.

I posted it on this rock painting page? I thought I was going to break the damn internet. It's been 24 hours now and its going on 1900 likes and about 300 comments. This might not seem like a lot? But it's a lot for me! I had no idea that rock painting was such a huge thing. And here I was, tucked away in isolation for 5 years completely oblivious. Oh dear...

Well needless to say the reaction on both our parts was just wow. I am completely humbled and grateful that people are enjoying my work. Especially that they appreciate it, and respect it as an artform. For a long time I did a lot of doubting in myself as an artist. I thought I should pack it up and make a hobby out of it. Well, f#*& that! I'm proud of myself! I really do have something to offer after all, and I am inspiring a huge group of complete strangers to paint as well. What a completely euphoric feeling that is, and a first for me. :)


Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Reawakening

Wow. So I am clearly a pathological liar or I have the brain of a goldfish. Yeah. Lets go with the last one.

SO. What have I been up to these past two years? Lets see. Well I've been working a non-artist job, living in my isolated northern hometown which doesn't have a decent internet connection whatsoever (Seriously, it's either dial-up or an outrageously overpriced satellite service which looses its signal whenever someone coughs). Last spring my husband and I decided to try for another child, and 2 months later, succeeded! We gave birth to little Mavis Ourellia in October (was due Halloween, but she decided to show up early... during an airing of a show based on Jack the Ripper no less. Thats my girl!).  All this and also dealing with my sweet and crazy lil' guy as he started Pre-school while dealing with ADHD. Lets just say, other than the fact that my daughter was born, that 2016 pretty much sucked balls. I won't sugar coat it. It was AWFUL. My job was turning into something that I didn't like, know, or trust; my pregnancy was jam-packed full of hormones, anxiety, sickness, stress, you name it; my son was practically out of control due to his then, unknown mental disability. It was complete chaos. Even my husband could barely help due to the fact that he was forced to work 6 days a week during our seasonal jobs. Lets just say I didn't get as many foot rubs as I would have liked/needed. All in all, I had very little support for what was the darkest time in my life.

My darling girl and I
But then came little Mavis, all 10 whopping pounds of her. She was the silver lining to my crap year. She was the one little glimmer of hope, and she was the one who set us all straight and told us to smarten up. Things became very clear when my mental and physical self returned to normal after my pregnancy. I came to realize what mattered, and who mattered in my life. My family matters! My art matters! My SANITY matters! It's time to look after these things...

Beautiful Gros Morne National Park is practically in my backyard

 So, my hubby and I have made the unexpected decision to move back (Yes.... back again...) to his hometown of Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland. He has a full time position here, and I get to play the role of housewife/artist, at least for now. Everything isn't perfect, and they won't be for a while (something that, as a perfectionist, I have come to accept since moving back). But I can already say that just the past month that we have been here has had a profoundly positive affect on me. I'm beginning to love myself and my life again. I'm loving the outdoors; beach-combing; playing in the kiddy pool with my youngsters and having cat naps with them too. I love them more than they will ever know. <3 p="">

So lookout! My art table is set up, and I already have a crap load of things to finally and actually post on here, including a glimpse of what I am currently working on. This blog will be my reawakening as an artist, and it will be my conversation pit for ideas and new things. Stay tuned, and I really REALLY  mean it this time.