Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's tourist season in Gros Morne!

Visit Gros Morne
Gros Morne National Park is a complete wonder to behold. It truly doesn't seem like it fits here in Newfoundland. With it's grand mountains, tall trees, and saltwater fjords, it's a complete contrast to the tundra-like northern peninsula and Labrador which I am so used to.  I am so fortunate to be living here again. The last time I lived here was before my husband and I had children, so now my kids get to experience it too!

For about a month and a half I have set up a somewhat small studio area in the house, just big enough to start cranking out some rocks for the summer tourist buzz. I managed to get some interest in my rocks through friends of friends and now I have approx. 40 painted rocks up for sale at the cute and cozy Jenniex House and Cafe in Norris Point (the next town over from Rocky Harbour.) So far so good after 24 hours, I was called by the manager and was informed to start painting more. Yikes!

Visit the Jenniex House
Built in 1926, the Jenniex House really is quaint though. It's literally the first house you see driving into Norris Point, atop a hill overlooking the fjords and in the distance the small town of Woody Point and the magnificent Tablelands (the only place in the WORLD where you can see the Earth's Mantle exposed. It's amazing!) I suggest anyone driving through to take the time to stop at the Jenniex house for a few photos from the Photographers lookout there. It's breathtaking!

Taken by my good friend Serena. Crazy view, right? 

That's it for now! I will post some photos of some of the rocks I painted that are for sale at the craft shop real soon. If you do visit the Jenniex house, look for my sign (below.)


See some of my rocks on my website!

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