Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Reawakening

Wow. So I am clearly a pathological liar or I have the brain of a goldfish. Yeah. Lets go with the last one.

SO. What have I been up to these past two years? Lets see. Well I've been working a non-artist job, living in my isolated northern hometown which doesn't have a decent internet connection whatsoever (Seriously, it's either dial-up or an outrageously overpriced satellite service which looses its signal whenever someone coughs). Last spring my husband and I decided to try for another child, and 2 months later, succeeded! We gave birth to little Mavis Ourellia in October (was due Halloween, but she decided to show up early... during an airing of a show based on Jack the Ripper no less. Thats my girl!).  All this and also dealing with my sweet and crazy lil' guy as he started Pre-school while dealing with ADHD. Lets just say, other than the fact that my daughter was born, that 2016 pretty much sucked balls. I won't sugar coat it. It was AWFUL. My job was turning into something that I didn't like, know, or trust; my pregnancy was jam-packed full of hormones, anxiety, sickness, stress, you name it; my son was practically out of control due to his then, unknown mental disability. It was complete chaos. Even my husband could barely help due to the fact that he was forced to work 6 days a week during our seasonal jobs. Lets just say I didn't get as many foot rubs as I would have liked/needed. All in all, I had very little support for what was the darkest time in my life.

My darling girl and I
But then came little Mavis, all 10 whopping pounds of her. She was the silver lining to my crap year. She was the one little glimmer of hope, and she was the one who set us all straight and told us to smarten up. Things became very clear when my mental and physical self returned to normal after my pregnancy. I came to realize what mattered, and who mattered in my life. My family matters! My art matters! My SANITY matters! It's time to look after these things...

Beautiful Gros Morne National Park is practically in my backyard

 So, my hubby and I have made the unexpected decision to move back (Yes.... back again...) to his hometown of Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland. He has a full time position here, and I get to play the role of housewife/artist, at least for now. Everything isn't perfect, and they won't be for a while (something that, as a perfectionist, I have come to accept since moving back). But I can already say that just the past month that we have been here has had a profoundly positive affect on me. I'm beginning to love myself and my life again. I'm loving the outdoors; beach-combing; playing in the kiddy pool with my youngsters and having cat naps with them too. I love them more than they will ever know. <3 p="">

So lookout! My art table is set up, and I already have a crap load of things to finally and actually post on here, including a glimpse of what I am currently working on. This blog will be my reawakening as an artist, and it will be my conversation pit for ideas and new things. Stay tuned, and I really REALLY  mean it this time.



  1. My darling sis from another mother... I love you SO much and am SO very proud of you, as an artist, as a mother, as a woman and as a friend. I am very happy to have read that you have begun to create again and I am awaiting impatiently to see what the rest of this year will reveal from your incredible artistic genius.

    1. Thank you darling. You will be a big part of my artistic road to recovery! I'M DOING A CHILDREN'S BOOK WITH THIS CHICK! :D