Thursday, July 13, 2017

Whew! I'm getting around! ;)

Well I got the nerve to join a Facebook rock painting group last night (It's a closed group, so to view, request to join). I didn't really feel like posting for a while. I am a shy person and I sorta wanted to scope the place out a bit before getting the courage to post my work. There is this little ping of anxiety that I get whenever I show anyone anything for the first time, let alone a FB page of 17,000+ complete strangers! So I posted a mermaid rock on the page that I did recently. The reaction nearly did me in...

Heres the story. I painted a whack load of urchins recently too but tried a different technique with them. I always paint a variety of shades of greens/blues/whatever on each urchin to replicate their stripes. This time, I left part of the stripes bare to show the rocks natural colour underneath. It was beautiful! It made each one unique this way, and I don't know if it's my OCD or not, but I always hated completely covering my rocks with paint. To me it always felt like 'the rocks can't see', and people might wonder when they purchase a rock as to what they look like underneath ( I know, I'm a total whack-a-do, but bare with me.) From the years 2012-2016, I would leave a square bare on the back for people who were curious. Like I always am. ;)

Well, back to my mermaid rock. I painted her the same way. I left her hair as a part of the natural rock; I lightly shaded it so it had some depth. It turned out nice! I posted it on my personal FB and people loved it! I was happy with her.

I posted it on this rock painting page? I thought I was going to break the damn internet. It's been 24 hours now and its going on 1900 likes and about 300 comments. This might not seem like a lot? But it's a lot for me! I had no idea that rock painting was such a huge thing. And here I was, tucked away in isolation for 5 years completely oblivious. Oh dear...

Well needless to say the reaction on both our parts was just wow. I am completely humbled and grateful that people are enjoying my work. Especially that they appreciate it, and respect it as an artform. For a long time I did a lot of doubting in myself as an artist. I thought I should pack it up and make a hobby out of it. Well, f#*& that! I'm proud of myself! I really do have something to offer after all, and I am inspiring a huge group of complete strangers to paint as well. What a completely euphoric feeling that is, and a first for me. :)



  1. Love your rock paintings <3 It's a financially feasible way to support your genius and enjoy your creations at the same time xo Don't give up on yourself or your fans... keep it coming!