Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Post-Halloween/ Pre-Christmas Season.

I always wondered if Tim Burton meant for Nightmare before Christmas to be a Halloween movie, or a Christmas movie.  Apparently he did in fact say that it was a Halloween movie, but it still gives me mixed holiday feelings. November... November is the month to watch this movie. It's that weird time of the year when I'm not quite ready to give up my spooky-feelyness for wreaths, and jingle bells and bla bla bla. Don't get me wrong, I adore the Christmas season. I just need more time to mourn the loss of Halloween. ;-)

So this month it's tackling Christmas commissions and whatnot. I had a few rock orders; a few small painting orders. I was technically taking a year off from commissions but I don't mind a few small orders to tackle. Keeps the creative mind going. One of the commissions I had was from a lovely lady in PEI. She saw my work at the Jenniex House this summer. I had the chance to paint her beautiful granddaughter as a mermaid. It was a bit challenging, but I think it turned out lovely! I enjoy work like this.

I also managed to organize (With the help of a new friend) a Ladies Craft Night here in Gros Morne. Meeting up with a lot of the other Mom's here, I came to find that a lot of ladies are quite artsy and were trying to find times and places to get together to craft.  I did one of these nights back in my hometown, sadly only one other showed up with me every week (Still had lots of fun, Savannah! :-P) Last week we had 10 show up here, and we have about 30 members on our Facebook page. I painted most of this lil' mermaid at our craft nights. I hope to do few more as designs for art cards for next summers tourists.

Until next time!

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